Academic and Professional Background

Dedicated & Determined

I completed bachelor's degree in engineering in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I majored in ICT, Smart Systems. My professional career as an embedded software engineer is relatively short, but I've been fortunate to find challenging tasks in a wide variety of environments to expand my expertise.

Embedded Software Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

March 2019 - Ongoing

I developed laboratory devices such as electronic pipettes in teams operating on multiple continents. I was also trusted with many responsibilities that would normally belong to a Software Architect, such as defining and documenting software features of a new product. I used technologies such as STM32 MCUs, USB, Bluetooth, stepper motors, touchscreens, small displays.

Software Designer, RD Velho

September 2018 - February 2019

I started as a trainee at RD Velho and was promoted to a Software Designer after a few months. I received great opportunities to work with cutting edge technologies such as NB-IoT and even got to design and develop a PCB from scratch along with my colleague.

Embedded Software Consultant

March 2019 - Ongoing

I've worked as a consultant along my day job. My current ongoing project is an industrial measuring device that involves technologies such as capacitive encoders, laser and USB to name a few.