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Embedded software and electronics architecture and engineering, documentation, agile work methods, etc. I have moderate experience in all this and I do my work from the heart.


Projects can be challenging and preferably so; I’m excited to face any embedded systems engineering task full on. I love the thrill of learning and understanding something new, whenever there's a problem I haven't encountered before.

 I've worked on large scale and smaller projects doing tasks from software development to designing software architecture. I'm also familiar with electronics engineering and have designed electronics in product development from scratch to a working product. 


Jussi Veikkolainen

It was great to work with Abel! Currently his interest and tasks are related to embedded software, but he has an exceptional capability to quickly assimilate new technologies and skills. I was also impressed when he volunteered to exceed his job description (software designer) and design the PCB as well! I can warmly recommend him to challenging tasks related to embedded systems!

Maija Satama

Aapeli was in my software team as a trainee. From the first day he surprised us with the positive attitude, knowhow, willingness to learn and amazing team play! He was truly a star in my team and I could trust him and his teammate any task there were. Aapeli did inhouse projects and also customer projects, he has good understanding of what is important when working with a client and his positive attitude and smile made even the worst days the best! I highly recommend him to any software teams! If there is something Aapeli doesn’t know, he will learn quickly!

Romet Kalpus

I worked with Abel in the same software engineering group at RD Velho Oy. Among other things, we worked on a device which included designing a printed circuit board and writing deeply embedded software on top of it. Abel is an unbelievably quick learner and there isn't any challenge he wouldn't accept. He is a professional in embedded systems software engineering and additionally has knowledge on PCB design. In addition to professional aspects, Abel is a really positive person! He maintains a positive atmosphere among teammates no matter the challenges encountered. I would warmly recommend Abel for positions of embedded systems engineering!


Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

+358 44 061 0601

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